The Goldie

So here i am laying in bed trying to recap what has been one of the most amazing experiences I have be fortunate to take part in.

As some of you know and for those who don’t I was lucky enough to travel to the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia for a “State VS State team ninja warrior” competition!

This trip has been life changing for me in so many different ways from the way I look at competition to the people I surround myself with. The competition itself was on its own phenomenal but what made it even more special was the community that attended.

Ill start with the competition, Firstly I want to give Shane from Terrain training a HUGE shoutout for making this happen and being a total champ setting up and also competing and putting in the hours to make this event run amazingly!
Second another massive shoutout the the “Perth Crew” that attended with me among them my team mates, Ben, Donny and Gav! these guys are true legends and helped me push myself!

The competition was broken into 10 different challenges.
1. Lache Challenge
2. Bamboo Forrest
3. The infamous “Thread”
4. The Wheel
5. Salmon ladder challenge
6. Balance Challenge
7. Precision Lache
8. Swing Challenge
9. Rope climbs

The Team mates I was fortunate enough to have with me on my team where BEASTS couldn’t of done this with out them, each and every person that competed gave there all on the day and when the dust settled The W.A-Team Stood atop as victors!

Also want to give Gravity Grips a shoutout for suppling some killer Challenge holds if you guys are interested in what they have to offer check the link (here)

Im planning on posting a short video edit in the coming days with all the challenges that we have filmed so keep and eye out for that one.

Now onto what I feel was what made the trip really something to remember and that is the community, Ninja warrior is still so new to Australia and already I look at the community and cannot help but think there is a real future here for the sport.

Everyone is there to help one another push there limits in one way or another wether it be a slightly different technique to attempt something. or just to just to find inspiration cause I know for dam sure I found a hell of a lot while I was there!
While I’m on the topic of inspiration I just want to say this.
Inspiration for me is the MOST important thing one person can have in life, its truly priceless, cannot be bought but yet so easily found if you are looking in the right places, ill be doing a blog post on inspiration and how easy it can be to see soon (I have a feeling this one is going to be worth reading)!

Now onto what has changed in my life from this trip, Personal growth I have grown so much on this trip facing some fears and meeting some amazing people that I think are going to be a permanent part of my life. People I can always look to for inspiration and motivation!

Now more then ever I am excited to see what the future has in store for me and I cannot wait to experience more and more of it!

Thank you so much for reading guys and as always.

Stay Awesome and much love!!
Josh McMurray.Perth Crew



Just Try IT!

Whats the worst that can happen? you hate it? you feel like a fool trying it?
Something that people seem to forget about a lot these days is that you have to start somewhere!
no one great started out great and I know this might be something you hear all the time!
BUT I feel its one of the most Important thoughts in life that we always seem to lose. Especially in the “social media age” that we live in we are exposed to “Instagram athletes” people that haven’t shared there story, haven’t shared the hard work they have put in to get to where they are.
On Facebook we see pages that share only awesome human feats and sure while it is impressive to watch and I appreciate that!
In my mind the most impressive thing I think about when I see a feat of greatness is “imagine the journey that person made to get there”
Imagine the THOUSANDS of hours they have put into there “craft”
I like to refer to a quote for this one and it is as follows,

Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” – Will Smith”

While yes some people are more talented then others quite often I see the “talented people” never make it as far as someone who just grinds! day in day out building there craft into what they envisioned when they started!

Why am I writing about this?
Well today I had the pleasure of trying something new (an experience I don’t get all to often) I had my very 1st dance class!
I was accompanied by Tim and we attended Alpha Dance Studio!
We where there for our 1st dance hall class if you don’t know what dance hall is its a cultural dance originating from Jamaica!
For me I am a complete dance beginner I’ve never been a dancer or even attend a dance class until now! And I am so happy that i went!
did I suck? SURE DID!
did I feel like a bit of an idiot? yep!
BUT in saying that when I was dancing (or what I though was meant to resemble dancing) nothing else mattered I could feel the music I could feel the movements wether they where right or wrong I didn’t care I was living in the moment dancing what I felt
It was a surreal feeling! and I think I’m addicted! not to dance or to dance hall but to losing myself in the moment!
Scientists use a term called “flow” if you don’t know about this and want to learn about it I recommend looking into getting a book called Rise Of Superman (also available on iBooks) and it will tell you all about flow!
Thats where I will leave this for now I will talk more about flow in the near future!
Again to anyone reading this Thank you

Sincerely McMurray!


Up and running?

So this is something I have been thinking about doing for sometime now.
well here goes,
Just a few notes about what to expect in my blog.
This blog will be an extension of my thoughts and what I’m going though as for why I’m doing this?
I guess the reason for me starting and wanting to blog is more personal then anything else its so I can get my thoughts out to the world in an idea that it might inspire others todo the same?
Todo what inspires you and to tell you that even tho something can be really scare (like starting a blog) just to give it a go you never know how it will turn out unless you just go for it.
I have no idea how this blog will be received weather any one will read it who knows?
But what I do know is that if me writing this inspires a single person then it will have served its purpose!

What to expect in the future of this blog?
Ill post as often as I feel I can this will chop and change as my life takes turns but ill do what I can to keep you guys updated.

Follow me as I push myself both mentally and physically in a test to see how far I can go!